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From the exterior, it might seem to you that I like to dabble in the Dark Arts. But dear visitor, I’d like to urge you to take a closer look at my blog, and understand that these are not the ranting of a deranged man, but microscopic in-sights of a part-cynic, part-intellectual and part-observer.

Areas of Interest

I believe that cataloguing your mind is the unhealthiest thing that you can do. Coming to think of it, we were all born free till social conditioning took us in its clutches. If you happen to be a like-minded deep thinker like me, you may have gotten at least an inkling of what I’m trying to communicate. But those who think I’m talking from a completely alien perspective, the fact is that you cling to the materialistic world with all your life. Hopefully with this blog (that is, if you keep visiting and read in depth), you will most certainly realize the raw nature of life that I’m talking about.

Social Experiments

I’m not naïve enough to claim of being the sole academician who has had such thoughts and who wants to delve further into this exciting prospect. Countless scholars have done so before me, scores of them are engaged knee-deep in research as I type, and there will be countless after me who will also be engaged in the same direction. But all said and done, I do consider myself unique in the sense that my subjective truth (replete with its biases of course) is absolutely unique, and there is no other replica of the same whatsoever.

Carl Jung

I’m a self-professed fan of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. I think he was a lot ahead of his time, and leaped miles ahead of Freud in terms of his theories, observations and analysis. In fact, I’m also of the opinion ...
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Past Life Regression Therapy

Oh well, I know what you’re thinking. That I’m going to shove some ‘Voodoo-crap’ down your throat. I must say that I’m disappointed tell you that it is not so. On the contrary, my judgment and analysis of this therapy ...
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The Rampant Issue of Drugs Abuse

Wavering a little ‘off the topic’ (or maybe not really, because I don’t think I set any specific boundaries for topics and areas of interest when I started this blog. The fact is that I did not do so because, ...
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Universal Truth: Fact or Myth?

In the infinity of the cosmos, is it really possible to lay down any threadbare rule that you can emphatically confirm as a universal truth? Be it Newton’s Law of Gravity or Einstein’s Equation of Mass-Energy Equivalence, there is so ...
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