Past Life Regression Therapy

Oh well, I know what you’re thinking. That I’m going to shove some ‘Voodoo-crap’ down your throat. I must say that I’m disappointed tell you that it is not so. On the contrary, my judgment and analysis of this therapy has more to do with the fact that this is a genuine science. Maybe scientists scoffed at about four to five decades earlier. But as of today, this happens to be amongst the most brilliant of techniques to cure all kinds of addictions and phobia.

A closer look at Past Life Regression Therapy

Just so you know, delving deep into one’s past life is not supposed to assume an instant and therapeutic form simultaneously. Also, the procedure is never uniform, and almost always yields different results in different people. Unless this became a formal branch of study, thanks to the stupendous efforts of Dr Brian Weiss and several other like-minded therapists and psychologists like him, this was all considered as a part of some quaint Easter Philosophy.

How this therapy can help?

As a drug addict (or for that matter, anybody else with any kind of physical or mental disorder), it is our prerogative to not look at Past Life Regression as a form of treatment alone. This is not something that’s diagnosed and not a procedure which is going to cure you outright, and heal you miraculously. But what will certainly happen is that you will get a lot closer to your inner self, and that will help in healing you, and rendering you the will power to move a certain way, preferably away from the kind of ills that are tormenting you. More than anything else, once you have a glimpse of your past life, you will at least understand the reason for unnecessary phobias, addictions, cravings, tendencies and insecurities, most of which may not have much past relevance or roots in your present life.