The Rampant Issue of Drugs Abuse

Wavering a little ‘off the topic’ (or maybe not really, because I don’t think I set any specific boundaries for topics and areas of interest when I started this blog. The fact is that I did not do so because, under any circumstances, I do not want to yield to the societal pressure of cataloguing my mind and yielding to incessant conditioning. But more on that later!), I would make use of this space, to express a bit about drugs abuse. The devastating consequences of drugs on the individual need not be reiterated, as volumes have been written about it and loads has been spoken about it for almost a century now.

One of the most devastating impacts is the insurance you’ll need to worry about. As a convicted drug user, if you are found behind a vehicle while on drugs, you might just find you need Convicted Van Insurance or Convicted Car Insurance – and find that you pay more than double your usual price!

Drugs are not just out to wreck you, but to wreak havoc in the entirety of your family and society!

Having gone through the ups and down of this cycle myself, I know for a fact that most de-addiction centers are absolute farce. On the contrary, the best way to cure an addict is to get him in touch with himself and show him an objective glimpse of his own depraved mind. Furthermore, he can be shown how terribly it is affecting his or her near and dear ones. Sounds whacky? Well, hold your breaths because there’s more to come in the next page. Stay tuned!