Universal Truth: Fact or Myth?

In the infinity of the cosmos, is it really possible to lay down any threadbare rule that you can emphatically confirm as a universal truth? Be it Newton’s Law of Gravity or Einstein’s Equation of Mass-Energy Equivalence, there is so much conjecture with regards to the implicit, universal applicability of the laws. Research studies by even the most reputable scholars are deemed partially or fully invalid, or even obsolete after the passing of a decade. And this is not just in the realm of Science!

The Expiration of Human Knowledge

As human beings, we take pride in being the supreme-most species in terms of intelligence and knowledge gathered. But are we really that intelligent, when all the knowledge that we’ve ever theorized and compiled as a species, is replaced by something completely new, every few years? Take for instance, the medieval-era theory that the earth was at the center of the solar system, and the sun revolved around it. Can we really even consider believing or according any sort of faint credence to this notion today? Absolutely not! But back then in the medieval period, the common knowledge was this vey theory, and there was absolutely no chance of cross questioning. Even the brightest minds of their time, unflinchingly believed in this theory with all their collective conviction. Cut to the present, modern-day ‘civilized-world’ where science and technology have taken precedence over all baseless speculations. Most of us take pride in belonging to this age, but sociology scholars have different viewpoints altogether. Some of them have postulated that we are presently living in the most horrendous of times, and while our living standards might have improved, we are living in tumultuous conditions if we consider the sociological and psychological perspective as a whole.

And this brings me to a very interesting anecdote that I read in a philosophy book. It went as follows:

“There is your truth, and there is my truth. As far as the universal truth is concerned, it does not exist.”

Ok, I know some of you think I sound bonkers but just go ahead and carry out a little introspection. A wee bit of deeper perspective please guys, and you will realize that the above statement is so true. Not only does it form the crux of everything that is life, but also explains the entire spectrum of psychological and social issues that the world faces today.